EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner -Should my Conditioner look like this?

Hey dolls! As I am writing this post I am in the middle of my last attempt to use this product. You dolls know that my family and I purchased a few products during the 2014 Spring World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta. Hair shows are always a great time to splurge on that product you've always wanted and even better at a discounted price! 

There were so many samples and so many sales; we didn't know what to choose. We came across the Eden BodyWorks Booth; my holy grail when it comes to curl creams but unfortunately I think my attempt to try out their Peppermint Tea Tree line was definitely a fail.

Mom purchased the Peppermint Tea Tree conditioner for only $6.00 *a discount exclusive to show attendees. Less than a week later we got around to trying out the conditioner and for some reason the consistency is a bit off. I've been trying to review this product for almost 2 months thinking it was a change in weather or where I'm storing it but the thick chunky consistency just wouldn't give.

I absolutely love their Coconut Shea curl defining cream and had high hopes for this product. I'm really hoping that this was just a bad batch due to the high volume of potential customers expected to attend the show. 

I'm reaching out to you ladies today to see if I'm the only one with this product from the show since many of you dolls came out to the hair show as well before I contact the company.

Have you tried this conditioner? Should my conditioner look like this?

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann