Natural Hair Product Junkie 101: Organization

product junkie organization

With natural hair comes Product Junkie hoarding aka


My name is Rayann and I must admit, I’m a product junkie.

We all have that secret stash of products. I'm not talking about the public currently in use stash behind your shower curtain. I'm talking about that overflowing box or tub of products under your bathroom sink filled with products you've accumulated over the years. You know, that stash that you add to but never really seem to declutter, with the hopes of one day finding a use for. We all have that stash! Here are 5 tips to help you declutter your hair product stash.

hair product expiration date

Throw out Expired Bottles: Did you know that natural hair products expire? Check the labels of your stash for old, outdated products and toss them out. In the midst of this decluttering you may find a few of your products have gone bad simply from a lack of proper storage and temperature regulation. Toss those old molded products out as well. Trust me you don't want the unwanted odor under your sink months from now.

diy hair product storage

Categorize: Depending on your storage method, it may be great practice to categorize your hair products, IE; shampoos, conditioners, creams,etc. This will not only help you to sort through and rotate products in your regimen, but it will help you to get a visual of what products you already own. No more duplicate buys curlfriend!

Prioritize by Expiration Date: Now that you've got your products categorized it's time to create a system. Natural hair products are already expensive as it is. The last thing you want is to be throwing away your hard earned money. Position products you've either already opened or have an approaching expiration date towards the front.

natural hair product organizer

Invest in Display Storage: Depending on your current living situation, you may want to consider investing in a great visual display. This can be as simple as a shelving system or as spacious as a bookcase. Displaying products forces you to use what you have before buying access or doubles. You'll have a much more realistic perspective on just how many products you've actually accumulated.

diy hair products organizer

Attend swaps, donate to organizations in need to get rid of access unopened products. Any used products hand over to a friend or family member who wouldn't mind.

Thank me later! From one product junkie/ natural hair Blogger to another.
Roll Call: Approximately how many products do you think you own altogether?

DIY Product Junkie Storage Solutions