3 Ways to Save Money on Natural Hair Products using Groupon Coupons

3 ways to save money on natural hair products using groupon coupons

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are honest and my own.

I love a good deal/mobile coupon. Now I'm not deal obsessed enough to be considered an official crazy coupon-er; but I love to save a pretty penny when I can! Groupon Coupons is my favorite place to find out about local deals and exclusive coupons in my area.

Ever since my 2 year anniversary trip to Hilton Head Island, SC where we scored BIG TIME on a 4 Star resort; I've been addicted to Groupon! The savings are endless and you can even search deals based on your favorite hobbies. If you're looking to restock on your favorite curly hair friendly conditioner you may want to stop by your local Ulta and snag this $3.50 off $15 coupon this week.

3 Quick tips to save on curly hair products

  1. Download Savings Apps: Groupon has a couponing section on their FREE mobile app which not only saves you time and money at the register but will also notify you of deals based on your current location.

  2. Buy in Bulk: Don't wait until you run low to purchase. If it's in sale, grab it! You'll save big time in the long run.

  3. Save big tag items for (% off) coupons ONLY: Flat irons, curlformers even blow dryers can run a big penny when aiming for high quality, long lasting brands. Often times these items may cost anywhere from $100-$400 depending on your preferred brand of choice.

Let's do the math on a blow dryer retailing for $400:

$400 Blow Dryer-$15 ( typical coupon value)=$385 out of pocket

Scenario #2

$400 Blow dryer-Macy's current promotion up to 25% off (Family & Friends sale) $40=$360 out of pocket

*10% off electronics, 25% off sale/clearance items

That's an extra $25 for gas curlfriend!

Groupon has an endless list of deals for you to snag each week. Be sure to download their mobile app for convenience and thank me later. You'll never pay full price for a vacay or curly hair product again!

Roll Call: What will you do with the extra cash? Splurge or Save?

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