5 Fourth of July Must-Haves |Natural Curly Hair Edition|

Hey chicas! Happy Fourth of July!

Its like ghost town in the shopping areas today, but the grocery stores are definitely madness filled with last minute grill shoppers! The day we've all been counting down for; especially me since today's pretty much the only holiday my school recognizes for a day off haha.

Today I'm bringing you dolls 5 Fourth of July Must-Haves Naturally Curly Edition. I know you dolls may have tons of plans in place from road-trips, to water-parks to outdoor events and grilling; I've got you covered, well your kinks and curls covered to be exact! You may want to add these items to today's regimen or pack them in your overnight bag if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors.

1. Lets start with a good leave-in conditioner.

 You'll want to retain as much moisture as possible for the amount of humidity in the forecast for this weekend. If you're stopping by the beach or water-parks simply add in your favorite leave-in after rinsing your hair from the chlorine until you can make it home for a full wash day routine.

2. Heat Protectant, Heat Protectant, Heat Protectant! 

I couldn't stress this enough. With so many outdoor activities and extra exposure you'll want to protect your fragile kinks and curls from literally frying in those harsh UV rays. Did you know heat damage could also be a result of over exposure to UV rays without the proper protection.

3. Gel/Wash and go!

Spending your day outdoors or near the water? A simply wash and go with your favorite Gel will be perfect for today! Girl, don't risk that 3 hour twist-out in 93 degree whether just for you to sweat it out or frizz. 

4. Goodie Hair Band

Keep a goodie hairband on board just in case! You may want to pull your hair out of your face due to excessive heat or sweating. Stretchy hair bands are great versatile bands for pulling your hair of your face or even for that major large poof.

5. Water

Hydration is key! Keep hydrated throughout the day. After all; water does makeup quite a large percentage of our body.

Where are you going for fourth of July? Whats one of your favorite Fourth of July memories? I want to know!

Do what you love, Love what you Do!

xo Rayann