Soft Sheen Carson Let’s Jam Review: Extra Hold

Soft Sheen Carson Let’s Jam Review

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Product: Let’s Jam! Condition & Shine Gel extra hold

Brand: Soft Sheen Carson

Size: 4.4oz

Price: $3.99

Available in Several Holds: Differentiated by Top Color: Lite, Regular & Extra Hold


Consistency: Thick, Clear with blue/green tint

Directed to be used: small amount on wet or dry hair to slick, shine and define

Marketed as 3x Less breakage No Flaking No Wax Alcohol Free

Formula allows great hold, shine and conditioning



Extra moisturizing (curls and waves pop) not drying, no alcohol

Super defined results without a strong, flaky hold 

Love the consistency on initial application

(first ingredient is water) No buildup Making it easier to layer products with ease

Great amount for the price/budget friendly



Super oily after a while (body heat maybe?)

Causing frizz and less definition

Oily residue everywhere if you don’t use in high moderation


Featured in:

A lot of my Budget friendly $1 Kanekalon hair tutorials

Double Braided Buns

Bun with Faux Curly Bangs



Use in moderation, use too much end up with oily results by the end of the day

Cocktail with Eco Styler gel for less oil and slightly longer hold

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