Do Cosmetologists Make Good Money?| CurlyGoneCosmo

Hey dolls! I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far!

I haven't really updated you dolls on what's been going on with cosmetology school in a while. No worries; Ill be dedicating an entire post very soon to cosmetology school and my experience thus far. Recently we've been covering the basics of makeup application. Yes I said it! Makeup application! Beauty school is not just a trade, its a profession just like any other profession out there.

Do cosmetologists make good money? Cosmetology covers everything beauty related from makeup, to skin, nails and of course hair. This week has been dedicated to all things makeup especially the basics of makeup application (lips, eyes, lipstick forms). 

You dolls know that I am not really  a huge fan of makeup. I'll dabble into a little pop of color with my lipstick and maybe even concealer for the perfect brow but I'm definitely a noob to foundation application and contouring haha!

One thing that I've learned so far with Cosmetology school is the importance of being what I like to call "a jack of all trades". Its great to become an amazingly talented hair stylist but why not offer more than one service. Lets take for instance a wedding gig; you're booked for a wedding, the bride needs makeup, hair, and nails done. The client can save money and stress by simply booking you for both hair and makeup. Bigger ticket in your pocket, sense of peace and satisfaction for your client. Its a win-win situation. Though I may not have an original passion and lack of knowledge for makeup, I am simply limiting myself to only hair styling gigs.

With that being said; I'm a little excited to finally learn about makeup and I've finally become open to try new things. Yes! You would have never guessed; I've invested in quite a few makeup products, foundation, etc to practice and gain inspiration. 

With anything in life; be open to new possibilities, open to try new things, you never know what possibilities or opportunities you may be blocking for yourself. Want to become a musician? Learn everything there is to music, from production, to lyric writing, beats and engineering! Don't limit yourself; step out of your comfort zone and create opportunities.

So how much can cosmetologists make? You answer that question for yourself. Your success in any business is totally up to you.

P.S shout-out out to moms for today's look, she's really loving the artistic side of makeup! What do you guys think? This was her first time applying makeup on another person. I think she did pretty good!

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann