2nd Annual Naturals in the Park| Atlanta, GA Recap

Todays the Day! I've been looking forward to this event all week.

The power of social media has no limits. I've been able to network with large companies, other creatives worldwide, and even find out about all of the latest natural hair events taking place just like Naturals in the Park!

Today I present to you the 2nd Annual Naturals in the Park through my lens with the help of my good friend Ralph over at E37 Photography


My goal this summer is to attend as many events as possible and network. When I came across the flyer for this event I was more than excited to go as I still haven't visited Stone Mountain, GA other than for car shopping.

Our Sunday was filled with live performances, yummy food, talented creatives and great fellowship. This years charity of choice was YouthSpark in efforts to raise awareness and prevention of sex trafficking. Did you know Atlanta is one of the top cities battling this crime at this time? All participants, ticket sales and proceeds from the show were donated in honor of this great cause.

There were so many naturals; the parking lot was literally filled beyond capacity; we ended up migrating onto a second abandoned parking lot. Now that's what I call a gathering! and; they said natural hair was a phase soon to pass?

Bye Felicia haha!

Upon arrival we were greeted by a few of the wonderful volunteers dedicating their Sunday to make sure the show goes as planned. We were even blessed with 2 raffle tickets to take home goodie bags including samples from a few sponsors!

The vibes here were just so amazing. Everyone smiling and having a great time despite the outrageous heat. I mean we all were literally dripping in sweat haha! But we still burst out a few dances cranking that NaeNae and every natural needs to practice a healthy lifestyle so fitness is just a given! Yes loves, we had an on site serenity circle zumba fitness class Caribbean Edition.

Mom and I got to dust off the cobwebs on our dance moves and appreciate our culture haha! Ya gyal bust a few fast wines. I could barely keep up haha. Our instructor was absolutely amazing, so talented and musically inclined. She definitely has a passion for bringing the fun into fitness.

Shopaholic! lol hot and tired after the event. Of course; after a short workout in 90 degrees there were smoothie vendors offering a quick healthy cool down from bottled water and Vegan dishes to Basil Smoothies and Jerk Chicken! So many great aromas!

Grab a blanket or a chair; kick back, relax and enjoy the live performances to wine down. We enjoyed everything from stand up comedy to live poetry, music and even a fashion show presented by our very own Natural Girls Rock!

I'm to my neck in products right now but I love supporting small businesses especially black owned businesses. We've come such a long way. Celebrating our hair, honoring our roots, and even owning our own businesses. We are definitely making history; or shall I say rewriting history.

I can't wait to share with you dolls all of the products, and companies I discovered during the show! Stay tuned for posts this week highlighting some of my favorite businesses and purchases during the show.

Enjoyed the images from today's post? Check out E37 Photography and show him some love for the dope images!

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Want to attend next year? Visit Naturals in the park for more info on future events and of course next years 3rd Annual Naturals in the Park.

Do what you love, Love what you Do!

xo Rayann