5 Reasons Why Natural Hair is Killing the Salon Business

Why Natural Hair is Killing the Salon Business

There are 5 reasons why natural hair is killing the salon business today. From lack of professionalism and natural hair knowledge; African American clients are evolving and learning but are salons even attempting to keep up? Here are 5 reasons why you are losing clients and 5 reasons why we are scared to sit in your chair.

1. Lack of Textured Hair Knowledge 

We've all been to a salon where the stylist tells you " I don't know how to do your type of hair". There's either only one stylist out of the entire salon that can slay some curly hair which she's usually booked out; or your stylist simply cancels your appointment because she's clueless as to how to manipulate your curls. In a day and age where natural hair is becoming more modern and present in the African American community; there is absolutely no reason for you to lack knowledge of curly hair. There are tons of free workshops and classes that offer product knowledge and technique demonstration. Book a class and expand your services. You are leaving money at the door.

2. Lack of Communication and Patience with your Clients

You've booked your client and you're working through her consultation and styling but you fail to inform her of your discoveries. YouTube and blogging is often looked down upon by professional stylists due to the lack of professional knowledge but the main factor that makes bloggers so successful with YOUR clientele is their communication and patience. When a client sits in your chair she is putting her full trust in you with her tresses. If she came in notifying you of her extremely dry scalp, assess her scalp during the consultation and let her know what you've discovered and what she can do manage or fix it. Instead of rushing her to the bowl, ask her about her products, her regimen, even her techniques. This will not only inform her of what she may be doing wrong but it puts you in a great position of trust and loyalty to your clients. You aren't just trying to fit her in and take her coin, you are concerned about her practices at home beyond the chair.

3. No Social Proof or Web Presence in a Digital Age

Natural hair and social media goes hand in hand. We are in such a digital age that everything is visual. Your clients are no longer walking billboards but also advertisements. Women with natural hair find it extremely difficulty to find a reliable stylists so we spend hours upon hours researching the perfect stylists, not in person but online. If you do not have a social media presence you are leaving money at the door once again! Potential clients want to see before and after photos, styles on different skin tones and different textures. Your walking billboards are just showcasing the end result of what you can do. The power and impact of seeing something from start to finish is immeasurable as it not only builds trust, but it shows a drastic change and the potential of what you can do.

4. Too much Retail not enough Regimen

As a recent cosmetology graduate I understand the importance of retail In the salon. But if your client came in for a blowout which she gets twice a year then why are you trying to sell her straightening serums and flat irons? Instead; study her daily regimen. What does she use on a regular bases? If she's a twist out girl you're almost guaranteed to sell her 3 Staple products for her LOC method: a leave in, oil, and cream. Since they are regimen staple items she'll be sure to restock with you quite often vs the blowout spray you sold her that sits under her cabinet. We don't want to be marketed to the entire service, we want what works and is practical for everyday use!

5. Not enough Services are Offered

Just because I'm natural doesn't mean I want to straighten my hair to make it what you like to call manageable. You are limiting your reach with the natural hair community. When we come to a salon, it's like a shopping experience for us. Women love options! Some of us like to get our hair professionally straightened, some of us like a good twist out or roller set. Tend to your clients needs and offer more than just the standard blowout or silk press. We would be more than happy to hand over our coins to someone who can knock out a wash and twist out in half the time that it would take us to do at home.

Are you leaving clients at the door?

Naturals when was the last time you visited a salon, how was your experience?