Closet Confessions| Q&A Youtube Tips & Heat Damage?

Hey chicas! 

Welcome to my new Series; Closet Confessions!

I've been working on this mini series for quite sometime now and I'm so happy I finally gained the courage to finally release it!

Closet Confessions

will consist of everything, fashion, beauty & personality related.

I've been planning a small Q and A video for some time now but I didn't expect to receive such amazing feedback or such a large amount of questions!

In light of this, I wanted to change my scenery a bit, give you guys a more intimate setting where I can discuss everything from hair, cosmetology school & even my personal life.

As of right now I have about 3 episodes filmed and ready to go, but to keep the videos short, I'll be answering 2-3 questions per video every Thursday!

Mondays will be dedicate to Tutorials! | Makeover or Make Me Over Mondays|

I'm so excited for this new series!

I was very hesitant at first considering I am only a few months into cosmetology school and I am far from an expert. 

I do believe we all have pieces of information that we can share in this community and that's what its all about, no one on earth truly know everything there is to know about natural hair or in fact anything. When I upload a tutorial or answer a hair question, I am answering mostly from personal experience, research and what I have learn so far about the anatomy of hair.

On this weeks episode, I took to


and Tumblr for questions!

|Subbie Spotlight|

If you sent in a question on any of my

social media platforms

, don't worry!

I am taking note and you will be featured in the next episode!

If you havent already, submit your questions either on this posting or on any of my social platforms! #closetconfessions

If you missed this weeks

Closet Confessions

; You can tune in by simply clicking the play button below.

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann

Braided Updo Design on Natural Hair

Hey chicas! Omg, its the first day of April already! Only a few more weeks until my 20th birthday. Time is just flying by, I can't even keep up anymore.

Have you realized how much time we spend in our cars, working or even sleeping? For some of us, we may be getting on average 6-9 hours of sleep at night, to fuel our 24 hour day.

The average American spends

2,352 hours per year sleeping

1,700 hours per year working (full time)

1,008 hours a year on

social media

34 hours a year in traffic

Protective styling can save you an extra 10 to 15 minutes per day off of your morning routine.

Your hair needs a break too.

Today's tutorial features an edgy up-do. I chose to style her hair more towards one side of her head, away from her face for work and to allow her comfortable nights (she can still sleep on either her back or side without any discomfort).

Protective Styling Tips

Opt for minimum tension styling on the hairline to protect your edges/ baby hair from shedding or excessive pulling

Up-do's are great for protecting your ends from breakage due to everyday wear or loose ends

Choose a style that requires minimum upkeep. If your style calls for more than 2 minutes of refreshing, it is NOT a protective style.

Whether you are a full-time student, hairstylist, or Nurse, you know the struggle of being on the go 80% of your life. Save your self some time and protect your hair all in the same effort! You won't regret it!

How often do you protective style per year? Let chat in the comments below

Do what you love, Love what you do! xo Rayann

Checkout my Braided Updo Design on todays Video below!

CurlyGoneCosmo #4 DIY Pink Zebra Train Case for Cosmetology Students using Duct Tape!

Hey chicas! Only a few more hours until the long work week ahead! 

There's something about crafting that always gets me reminiscing on my childhood. My mom and I would build everything from cute little picture frames for my summer camp photos, to DIY doll houses out of Popsicle sticks. These are some of my favorite childhood memories; if only we could stay young forever haha!

I'm spending my Sunday evening upgrading my

cosmetology kit

. Duct Tape offers so many different colors and textures that it was so hard to choose from. I decided to just go with the

pink zebra print

just as the zebra print i used to revamp my nail polish rack. I'm not quite finished with all of the details but here's what I have so far!

Nothing like a brand spanking new product! You know that feeling you get when you get your nails done? Its feeling like Christmas in here haha! I can't wait to rock my train case this week.

What are your favorite

Duct Tape

projects to complete? Let's Chat Below

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann

CurlyGoneCosmo #3 Beauty School is Under-rated!

Hey chicas! I hope your week was amazing!
School is only a few days out of the week but somehow I still find myself counting down the last few hours before my weekend breaks! This week has taken a toll on my body so I'll be spending my days off catching up on some much needed sleep. Since I'm pretty much gone for almost 16 hours of the day including my travel time, I haven't really had much time for extravagant styling options. So I've been opting for cute but casual this week; well until I can adjust back to my schedule.
School has been great so far and it feels great to be back around my PM Family! *PM- Paul Mitchell

This Mega High Puff pony has been my staple hairstyle. I achieved the extra body, shine and volume from my previous twist and curl set using my Custom Hairizon Shea Butter. My hair is absolutely loving this butter!

I added a few simple statement pieces to my uniform to add in a bit of a chic statement to the all black affair.
Earrings from my boutique: YCAF
Sunglasses from Red Star

Use my coupon code MTA14 for a free $500 giftcard at checkout! * Consumer must pay shipping and handing. I was sent these sunglasses for review and promotional purposes, all opinions are my own and stand with integrity. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Lets chat!
Do what you love, love what you do!
xo Rayann

Find your passion, or let your passion find you

Hey chicas! Happy Friday!
For once in a very long time I can say, I am so excited for this weekend, its been one heck of a week. As you all know, I took a short leave of absence from cosmetology school for personal reasons, but nonetheless I'm back like I never left!

I'm always preaching my motto "Do what you Love, Love what you do" but how exactly do you figure out what it is that your passionate about? One thing that I have learned along this journey is your passion may not always be something that you can seek, it may just meet you halfway and find you. 

As a kid, I just knew i'd be either a teacher or a fashion designer. Whatever career path I chose, I just wanted to be able to touch someone, make their day and be the reason someone smiles.

I never really realized how passionate I was about beauty and hair, beyond the physical enhancements, I just love showing women how to love themselves and appreciate their inner beauty. The day I left cosmetology school was like a nightmare for me. My whole life felt like it was at a standstill for about a week. I felt like a failure, I felt alone & confused. As much as I tried to talk myself out of cosmetology school, I remembered each time how happy I was doing hair, learning about hair, and how much I missed my class. 

I'm not sure where my future is headed but I believe your passion is anything/hobby you would do for the rest of your life even if you were not being paid. I ran my bank account down to the last dollar before I left. I've been running on an average of 3 hours of sleep each night this week, but I absolutely love what I do. It will all pay off in the end.

So for those of you who want to truly enjoy your life, start doing the things that you love the most. Focus your time on areas of your life that make you happy. Let your passion find you and turn that passion into a career. You will never have to "work" a day in your life.

What is your job title now? What is your dream job? Lets chat

Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

My First Car

Hey chica's!
Its day 3 of car shopping and I cant begin to tell you how exhausted, happy I am. Conflicting emotions huh? haha! I never knew how how it would be shopping for a used car during income tax season. Pretty much everyone is out shopping for cars right now!

We didn't make it home until late last night, but on the drive to our last location, I decided to change my mindset. For the past 3 days, I've been "hoping" to find a good car in decent condition. Instead I decided to practice what I preach and speak words into existence "Im going to bring home my car today".

After 3 test drives, 2 transmission issues and 1 start-up issue, we tried my very last option for the day before heading back home. I just so happened to spot this car lot during one of our test drives at lot A; long behold it was one of the car lots I found online the night before, but looking at his inventory online I only found 1 car I liked.

I was tired, frustrated and nervous, school starts in less than a month, I'll have to find something!
After a ton of no's, sketchy salesmen, failed engines, I found my baby! Welcome my first car to the family!

One thing I've learned throughout these past 3 weeks of car shopping is that persistence is key, God closes one door to make room for something greater that he has in store for you. The moment you decide and speak on what you want in life, is the minute doors start to open for you. Speak things into existence. Want to own your own home? Tell yourself " I will own my own home". The power of our words are beyond what you could possibly dream, choose them wisely!

What do you dream of? What are your goals? Lets chat!
Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

Blonde Box Braids?

Hey chicas! 
Its about to go down! (in my best Kevin Hart voice); well it was about to haha!

I've been contemplating coloring my hair again. You dolls know that I am way overdue for a touch-up on my color, hence my new excuse, "its an ombre color" haha! I'm frequently asked; what hair coloring kit did I use. I wanted to film an entire video on hair coloring and my experience, but to be quite honest, i did not invest as much time as I should have to maintain the health of my hair. 

My hair lacked moisture and the 45 minute deep treatments I used to have time for just wasn't realistic for a 40hr work and hair school week. By the time I made it home, the last thing I wanted to do was mess around with hair especially after 10 hours of cosmetology school.

Nonetheless; I wanted to try something new, I had a quite a packs left of braiding hair from my last client. She went for blonde senegalese twists. When braiding my hair, I always opt for the more conservative blacks and blonde to avoid looking like the girl on Friday haha! But if I can pull off honey blonde hair, then I can definitely pull off blonde braids!

So the protective styling journey begins! 
Are you dolls a fan of this color?

Do you ever try pops of color with your braids or are you a plain Jane like myself?
Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

Mani Monday #9: Fresh Paint Nail Polish| Guava

Hey chicas! Happy Monday and welcome to another Mani Monday! 
Oh boy, am I excited to share yet another one of my all time favorites with you. You can definitely say that I'm officially addicted to these inexpensive but dope polishes! If you missed last weeks mani I hauled quite a few nail polishes over at Five and Below, one of my favorite stores!

I don't know what it is about neon but it just makes me so happy! If you haven't already, be sure to checkout our instagram page for Mani Mondays! Gone are the days of searching through tons of natural hair, fashion, and lifestyle posts! I managed to post almost all of the mani mondays featured thus far with links to each posts to make your experience much easier. So be sure to checkout PolishYoFro on Instagram! Yes; polish yo fro!

On to the deets!
Brand: Fresh Paint

Color: Guava (my boyfriend says they pretty much glow in the dark haha!)
Consistency: Thick

Coats: 2 (but trust me, you could totally get away with 1 single coat
Top Coat: No Top Coat

What's on your nails this week? Share your favorite nail color or brand below, Im always looking for new brands to try out!

Do what you Love, Love what you Do!
xo Rayann

Twist and Curl Method- The Evolution of Twist Outs!

Hey chicas! I hope you all are having an amazing sunny weekend just as I am! It was about time we get some pre-spring weather. I'm so excited for the spring/summer season, you guys have no idea haha!

To prepare for the work week, mom wanted her hair done today and of course she wants a style that I've done on myself haha! I've been spending a lot of time thinking of new hair styling tips and tricks to share with you all. I had the idea of achieving a perm rod set using the 2 strand twist method and loved my results. I'll be filming that tutorial sometime this week, but I had no idea that it had been done before. Lots of naturalistas like to call this method "twist and curl" so we shall abide by that name. 

Mom rocked her Curly Cupid braids for over 2 weeks, it was time for a take-down, you know she'll push it  to 3 weeks haha! After a fresh Cleanse & condition, using Janelle Beauty Mint Hair Wash from Hairizon, and Suave Naturals Conditioner she was ready for her set and style!

Slightly mist/Damp hair and detangle from root to tip for the best results |Im using Soultanicals Kink Drink|:

I'll update you dolls tomorrow with her results as we are using a heat free method extending the drying time. 

What are your favorite roller setting products? Lets chat below!

Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

Entwine Couture Prize Package!

Hey chicas! We have another love mail haul, this week. 
Entwine Couture has been putting in great efforts to hep transitioners and newly naturals along their natural hair journey. From their Transitioning kit to their social media Mavens hair tutorials, Entwine Couture is definitely making a name for themselves. Along with natural hair tutorials they have been hosting frequent live events, where viewers and naturalistas come together and discuss tips, tricks, even questions regarding natural hair.

My Youtube sis Mama Daye was one of the 3 natural hair experts featured on the panel. We discussed transitioning tips, hair porosity, trimming and split-ends and even a few giveaways! The theme for the live event was getting to know your newly natural hair. Now you dolls know I just celebrated my 2 year "nappiversary" but you can never learn too much about your hair or anything in life.

Checkout the goodies I recieved from the giveaway, I can't wait to review them all for you dolls!

Beyond Expected| Audition Collezioni
|Products Included|

One major point I took away from the event is the importance of sharing tips and tricks and educating yourself. I'm currently a cosmetology student and you can only imagine how much of the hair anatomy we are learning, but its up to you to further educate yourself on the proper natural hair care techniques for women of color.

Whether its live stream events, meetups, tutorials, books, audio books, find a way that works for you and your schedule and educate yourself on your hair. You'll thank me later as the health of your hair increases!
If you missed the live event, you can check it out below!

Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

Mani Monday #8: Fresh Paint Nail Polish| Honeydew

Hey chica's! Happy Monday. 
What happened to the new year? Its already February, time is just flying by.
Its the first Monday in February so its only right that we start off with a fresh mani. Now I know what you're thinking; neon Rayann? After the winter storm that just covered the nation? Yes honey!

I was so excited when I came across these polishes at 5 and Below. I have to be honest, I didnt really have high hopes for the color pay off or formula of this line simply because they were priced so low (3 for $5) and my last experience with the funky fingers nail polish was a complete disaster.

Surprisingly this formula has to be one of the best low end nail polishes I've tried since Nicka K Cosmetics! I could totally get away with just one coat. 

The color isnt streaky at all and the formula is very thick and pigmented. I picked up a few other colors as well, but Ill show you guys those colors next week!

On to the specs:
Color: Honeydew
Price: 3 for $5
Store: 5 and Below
Number of coats featured: 2

Low-end or high-end polish Ladies? Lets chat! 
Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

We've got neighbors!

Hey chicas! Happy Friday, gosh don't you just love waking up on a Friday to beautiful weather?
Today definitely has to be one of the best days I've had all week since I've been pretty much in hibernation from the snow and ice haha!

Today I'm blogging from what id like to call our office. You guys know that mentioned having a spare bedroom which I was slowly but surely transforming into a filming studio/office. Well we're getting there! 

Let's welcome our new neighbor closkitchen! Lol
We pretty much spent all day revamping the room to give mom a little office space of her own for her food blog and our sewing projects.

Gone are the lonely days filming and editing alone! Haha
Are you a blogger? If so where do you film, write or work? Do you dedicate a small space on your house or rent an office space away from home? Let's chat!
Do what you love, love what you do!
Xo Rayann

Hair Products Storage Ideas for Product Junkies

Hey chica's! As promised here's my updated hair product storage system!
Lets be honest now, if you're a naturalista or blogger you definitely have some sort of stash, "you aint got to lie Craig"! The Key to Product Junkism is Organization. Too often have I found myself adding new items to my cart because I really dont know what I have in my stash. This lovely shelving unit not only displays my products in a very tasteful way but its also like a mini Beauty Mart in my own home! I love it and I hope you dolls enjoy it just as much as I do.

Enough with the rambling, I know you're here for the details!
I purchased these shelving units from my local Rose's, but if you don't live close to one; I've found a few very similar shelves for you to check out as well. 

You might want to check your local Walmart, Target, etc in the home decor/ wall decor and picture framing section. 

Luckily I was able to snag 4 boxes of these beauties on Clearance for about $3 a piece (sold as a set of 2)
This set came fully equipt with everything I'd need for easy installation, including a set of screws for hanging. The only thing I need was a Phillips Screw Driver.

I wanted to go for a more symmetrical look with a bit of edge to it, so I opted for the pyramid design.

Organization Tip!
Separate each product by category for easy access. |ie; Shampoos, Conditioners, Oils, etc|
Here's how organized my products

There are so many different ways to organize your hair products from drawer sets to shower caddies, this wall shelving system is by far my favorite!
I've already used up a moisturizer and made room for more products. It is so much easier for me to figure out what to review for you dolls next on my channel.

For the Full DIY and how to Install Checkout this Tutorial & of course I had to sneak in a few selfies! haha

Peep the Pajama Pants though lol

Lets Chat!: Are you an impulsive buyer, or do you plan your hair product purchases based on your current needs? 

Do what you Love, Love what you Do!
xo Rayann Review

Hey chica`s! We've got a package today!
You guys know that I'm fairly new to the instagram game but I've managed to find a few awesome pages to follow. I came across a post on my newsfeed promoting a site called Liketwice, she even offered a $10 coupon code to spend on the site. The inner thrifty in me gave it a shot and; boom a free pair of shorts delivered straight to my door.

Let's break down the details. Liketwice is an online thrift shop offering gently used name brand clothing. Gone are the days of searching through racks of out of trend clothing and smelly old sweaters.
You can sell and purchase used clothing on the site. Selling is absolutely free, they even hook you up with a free prepaid bag to shIp your items back to them in for a quote!

So how exactly did I get a free pair of shorts? The site offers a complementary $10 coupon just for signing up and my fellow instagramer offered an additional $10 off. Exciting right?!

I decided to go with these khaki canvas shorts from Gap in a size 2.

I absolutely love them and they look pretty brand spanking new!
If you love thrifting or have any old clothing you'd like to get rid of feel free to check out the site HERE

What do you do with your old clothing?
Do what you love, love what you do!
Xo Rayann

Mani Monday #7| Sky is Blue Nail Polish Review by Nicka K Cosmetics

Hey chicas! Happy Monday!
Just stopping in to share this weeks mani with you dolls. As I was shopping for my marley hair at my local beauty supply store I came across some pretty neon colors! They always get you at the register, its a trap! haha. So I decided to go for this sky blue color from the Nicka K Collection. The color pay off is pretty dope for a low-end product. 

I made sure to capture photos of my nails with just one coat for you dolls! 

One Coat

I prefer 2 coats to get the best color payoff, but for just .99 cents, this formula is A1! Definitely a great buy for you divas on a budget.

Brand: Nicka K Cosmetics
Color: Sky is Blue

What's on your nails this week? Do you prefer high-end nail polishes or do you splurge every now and then? Lets chat in the comments below!

Influenster NYC Brand Challenge Winner!

So my collection of influenster boxes is definitely expanding, no complaints here though! 

Hey chica's! Happy Wednesday!
I'm always excited to get new packages in the mail, its like a year round christmas high! haha. So, guess who won another brand challenge? It feels like just yesterday I received my MaryKay brand challenge package
Here's a quick peek into my prize mail package!

This is only my second influenster vox box, so I'm definitely excited to have won both brand challenges! Special thank you to Influenster and the folks over at NYC

If you haven't already be sure to signup today for free products to review and; share with your social networks! It's absolutely free and a great way to keep up with the newest products/brands without breaking the bank.

Are you an influencer? Share your blog/youtube link below; I love finding new content to follow!

Do what you love, Love what you do!
xx Rayann

DIY Bathroom Transformation

Hey chicas!
It's finally Friday! If you checked out my 50 facts about me video, then you already know about my obsession with interior decorating and my random moments where I need to renovate my space. Haha. Hence the constant background change in my videos. :-)

So it's that time again. We are still on the process of decorating our new space. It has tons of potential and is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately we were handed the keys in not so great of a condition.
Now that I finally have the time I decided to decorate my bathroom.

This toilet seat probably been here since the house was first built. trifling.

had to get rid of it

My initial theme was supposed to be silver and white with a neon blue as the pop of color, but after doing some extra shopping at Rose, I came across this super cute shower curtain and opted for several pops of color.

Thats more like it!

I took out my old plastic storage system which housed all of my natural hair products and tools and replaced it with a new display shelving system. I really like this shelving system much better so I'll be picking up a few more this week to empty the rest of my stash. No worries, I'll be posting a separate blog post soon detailing the setup of this unit.

Just wanted to stop by and show you guys my project for today, and shout out to mama clo for being my handy WOman today drilling holes for my shelves and installing my new toilet seat haha!
What do you guys think about these DIY posts? I absolutely love diy projects :-) 

See you tomorrow!
Do what you love, love what you do!
xo Rayann

Marley Hair Bun Tutorial- Natural Hair

Hey chicas! You dolls know I'm a huge stickler for large buns, whether its with box braids, Senegalese twists or even Marley hair, I'm totally down!

Buns are a great way to achieve that sleek, classic look while simultaneously protecting your hair. As naturalista's we definitely battle with shrinkage especially when it comes to ponytails. Today I'll be showing you how you can still achieve that thick full, high bun with short/medium length hair.

I decided to use Marley hair for this tutorial because it easily mimics the texture, density and curl pattern of our natural texture.

For sleek results; add your favorite hair gel using a soft bristle brush to smooth down your edges and fly-always. I prefer to use Eco Stylers Olive Oil gel for this look simply because of the olive oil benefits as gel can often be very drying and damaging to your hair long term.

Dry hair- no gel
Gel added
For the full tutorial be sure to checkout the video below. I hope you dolls enjoy!
Have you tried Marley hair? Do you prefer kanekalon braiding vs, Marley? Lets chat below!
Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

Its time to take these Senegalese Twists down Now!

Hey chica's! It's been about 3 weeks now since my initial installation of my senegalese twists. It was time to give my hair a break. Protective styling with braids/ twists are my favorite way of not only taking a break from my hair but also adding on a few extra minutes to my daily routine.

 Working a seasonal retail position without set hours can become very chaotic. These twists allowed me an extra 15-20 minutes a day in my morning routine for extra sleep before work. 

It was fun while it lasted, but its time to take these babies down! Your girl needs a good wash, condition and moisture in her life now. Maybe it's just me but I hate when my braids start to look old and dirty for too long. I've never really been one to keep in a protective style for more than a month or a month and a half. haha! I either start to miss my curls or i get the urge to wash my hair (with a good scalp massage). Maybe its the "cosmetologist" in me. haha

What are your favorite ways to add on that extra minute to your daily routine?

Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann

Organization Is Key| Planning for 2014

Hey chicas! Cheers to Day 5 of the New Year. Its about that time again. Its that time of year where our calendars go out of date, our debit cards expire in some cases our wardrobe may change as well. You guys know that I am a huge promoter of scheduling, goal setting and planning ahead. My life is organized in pretty much 2 calendars. One large calendar for my work schedule offline (retail) and the other calendar for my online work (blog, youtube, boutique, etc). Since my position was only seasonal, I didn't realize that my calendar was falling behind, so i've been planning to purchase a new planner/calendar. 

I came across this cute, pink monthly planner in Walmart for only $1 while shopping around for a new cable modem. I absolutely loooove this planner! Its super cute and small enough for me to stick in my purse for everyday use. 

Each month includes a little section on the side to jot down notes, this is where I'll be setting monthly goals and checking them off as I complete them. 

The planner includes so many cool features for such a low price, it even has a little directory in the front including popular hotel and car rental toll free phone numbers; ideal for the girl on the go or traveler.

I just thought I'd pop in and say hello as I start my planning and goal setting for this month.

Chicas| Dont forget to check your debit & VISA cards for upcoming expiration dates!
Talk to you guys soon

Do what you love, love what you do!
xo Rayann