Blonde Box Braids?

Hey chicas! 
Its about to go down! (in my best Kevin Hart voice); well it was about to haha!

I've been contemplating coloring my hair again. You dolls know that I am way overdue for a touch-up on my color, hence my new excuse, "its an ombre color" haha! I'm frequently asked; what hair coloring kit did I use. I wanted to film an entire video on hair coloring and my experience, but to be quite honest, i did not invest as much time as I should have to maintain the health of my hair. 

My hair lacked moisture and the 45 minute deep treatments I used to have time for just wasn't realistic for a 40hr work and hair school week. By the time I made it home, the last thing I wanted to do was mess around with hair especially after 10 hours of cosmetology school.

Nonetheless; I wanted to try something new, I had a quite a packs left of braiding hair from my last client. She went for blonde senegalese twists. When braiding my hair, I always opt for the more conservative blacks and blonde to avoid looking like the girl on Friday haha! But if I can pull off honey blonde hair, then I can definitely pull off blonde braids!

So the protective styling journey begins! 
Are you dolls a fan of this color?

Do you ever try pops of color with your braids or are you a plain Jane like myself?
Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann
Rayannnatural hair