Organization Is Key| Planning for 2014

Hey chicas! Cheers to Day 5 of the New Year. Its about that time again. Its that time of year where our calendars go out of date, our debit cards expire in some cases our wardrobe may change as well. You guys know that I am a huge promoter of scheduling, goal setting and planning ahead. My life is organized in pretty much 2 calendars. One large calendar for my work schedule offline (retail) and the other calendar for my online work (blog, youtube, boutique, etc). Since my position was only seasonal, I didn't realize that my calendar was falling behind, so i've been planning to purchase a new planner/calendar. 

I came across this cute, pink monthly planner in Walmart for only $1 while shopping around for a new cable modem. I absolutely loooove this planner! Its super cute and small enough for me to stick in my purse for everyday use. 

Each month includes a little section on the side to jot down notes, this is where I'll be setting monthly goals and checking them off as I complete them. 

The planner includes so many cool features for such a low price, it even has a little directory in the front including popular hotel and car rental toll free phone numbers; ideal for the girl on the go or traveler.

I just thought I'd pop in and say hello as I start my planning and goal setting for this month.

Chicas| Dont forget to check your debit & VISA cards for upcoming expiration dates!
Talk to you guys soon

Do what you love, love what you do!
xo Rayann