Find your passion, or let your passion find you

Hey chicas! Happy Friday!
For once in a very long time I can say, I am so excited for this weekend, its been one heck of a week. As you all know, I took a short leave of absence from cosmetology school for personal reasons, but nonetheless I'm back like I never left!

I'm always preaching my motto "Do what you Love, Love what you do" but how exactly do you figure out what it is that your passionate about? One thing that I have learned along this journey is your passion may not always be something that you can seek, it may just meet you halfway and find you. 

As a kid, I just knew i'd be either a teacher or a fashion designer. Whatever career path I chose, I just wanted to be able to touch someone, make their day and be the reason someone smiles.

I never really realized how passionate I was about beauty and hair, beyond the physical enhancements, I just love showing women how to love themselves and appreciate their inner beauty. The day I left cosmetology school was like a nightmare for me. My whole life felt like it was at a standstill for about a week. I felt like a failure, I felt alone & confused. As much as I tried to talk myself out of cosmetology school, I remembered each time how happy I was doing hair, learning about hair, and how much I missed my class. 

I'm not sure where my future is headed but I believe your passion is anything/hobby you would do for the rest of your life even if you were not being paid. I ran my bank account down to the last dollar before I left. I've been running on an average of 3 hours of sleep each night this week, but I absolutely love what I do. It will all pay off in the end.

So for those of you who want to truly enjoy your life, start doing the things that you love the most. Focus your time on areas of your life that make you happy. Let your passion find you and turn that passion into a career. You will never have to "work" a day in your life.

What is your job title now? What is your dream job? Lets chat

Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann