My First Car

Hey chica's!
Its day 3 of car shopping and I cant begin to tell you how exhausted, happy I am. Conflicting emotions huh? haha! I never knew how how it would be shopping for a used car during income tax season. Pretty much everyone is out shopping for cars right now!

We didn't make it home until late last night, but on the drive to our last location, I decided to change my mindset. For the past 3 days, I've been "hoping" to find a good car in decent condition. Instead I decided to practice what I preach and speak words into existence "Im going to bring home my car today".

After 3 test drives, 2 transmission issues and 1 start-up issue, we tried my very last option for the day before heading back home. I just so happened to spot this car lot during one of our test drives at lot A; long behold it was one of the car lots I found online the night before, but looking at his inventory online I only found 1 car I liked.

I was tired, frustrated and nervous, school starts in less than a month, I'll have to find something!
After a ton of no's, sketchy salesmen, failed engines, I found my baby! Welcome my first car to the family!

One thing I've learned throughout these past 3 weeks of car shopping is that persistence is key, God closes one door to make room for something greater that he has in store for you. The moment you decide and speak on what you want in life, is the minute doors start to open for you. Speak things into existence. Want to own your own home? Tell yourself " I will own my own home". The power of our words are beyond what you could possibly dream, choose them wisely!

What do you dream of? What are your goals? Lets chat!
Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann
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