DIY Bathroom Transformation

Hey chicas!
It's finally Friday! If you checked out my 50 facts about me video, then you already know about my obsession with interior decorating and my random moments where I need to renovate my space. Haha. Hence the constant background change in my videos. :-)

So it's that time again. We are still on the process of decorating our new space. It has tons of potential and is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately we were handed the keys in not so great of a condition.
Now that I finally have the time I decided to decorate my bathroom.

This toilet seat probably been here since the house was first built. trifling.

had to get rid of it

My initial theme was supposed to be silver and white with a neon blue as the pop of color, but after doing some extra shopping at Rose, I came across this super cute shower curtain and opted for several pops of color.

Thats more like it!

I took out my old plastic storage system which housed all of my natural hair products and tools and replaced it with a new display shelving system. I really like this shelving system much better so I'll be picking up a few more this week to empty the rest of my stash. No worries, I'll be posting a separate blog post soon detailing the setup of this unit.

Just wanted to stop by and show you guys my project for today, and shout out to mama clo for being my handy WOman today drilling holes for my shelves and installing my new toilet seat haha!
What do you guys think about these DIY posts? I absolutely love diy projects :-) 

See you tomorrow!
Do what you love, love what you do!
xo Rayann