Can You Tell if Someone's Wearing a Wig or Weave?

Hair, wig, or weave?

The wig and weave game has definitely taken a turn for the better. Wigs are no longer your grandma's shiny, no closure caps and weaves with leave out are so last year. 

Can You Tell if Someone's Wearing a Wig or Weave?

If you saw a female on the street would you be able to tell if she was wearing her natural hair a wig or weave? We came across this game show hosted by All DEF digital and figured we'd react and play along. The show was hosted by Cynthia Lucciette and fellow colleagues as contestants. 

Featuring a few pop-culture celebrities as well as random hairstyle photography, let's see just how hip you are to New age hairstyling. You'll be given a photo on screen and just a few seconds to guess if it's their real hair or not. Let's play hair wig or weave. 

I like to call myself a hair and wig expert, so let’s face it, I pretty much demolished this game. Mom was a tad bit clueless haha, but she could recognize a wig from anywhere. We are definitely wig Connoisseurs, can’t you tell? Let's be real, they definitely lied about Ciara's hair, but that’s none of my business! *sips tea 

Boy have the times changed. Wigs and weave are no longer taboo thanks to social media, but definitely can be fooling to amateur eyes if done correctly. It's a girl thing!

If you’d like to, checkout the Original Game Show: Hair, Wig or Weave

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They’re hilarious!