How to Wear Straight Weave with Natural Hair

Wigs, Weaves, Twist-outs, Sew-ins, there are so many options to choose from! One of the most common reasons that naturals ease away from straight hair as a protective style is the fear of heat damage on their leave-out. Today I experimented with creating my very own closure piece without the expense of a lace or silk based closure. Mom is definitely loving her new look and I must say I am proud of myself as well. This is only my 2nd sew-in install and I can definitely see the improvement! Here are the results!

This hair can be found in your local beauty supply store for less than $25. It is marketed as human Brazilian hair but of course you dolls know beauty supply stores often carries low quality hair.

The hair tangled and matted very easily straight out of the pack on moms first install a few months ago.

Protective styling :-) she loves her new hair. #naturalhairdaily #protectivestyle #naturalhair #teamnatural
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I decided to try to save the hair by simply shampooing and coating with a fabric softener sheet (a trick my teacher taught me) and boy I must say I could instantly see the difference! The hair is so much softer now and easy to straighten.

Using my Paul Mitchell Blow Dryer and Smoothing Iron and a few drops of Arvazallia Argan Oil; I was able to convert the hair from matted and tangle waves to bone straight and bouncy hair!

Contrary to the care instructions; this hair does not hold a curl on any temperature and burns easily. I personally prefer the hair in a straight state vs the wavy texture.

Last but not least, I wanted to offer mom a break from her natural hair routine for two weeks and well as a change in appearance. I decided to add a fringe (bang) for minimal makeup application in the mornings as well as the DIY closure piece for absolutely no leave-out or necessary blending.

After trimming off the straggly ends, I was very satisfied with movement and body I achieve with this hair. Next time I will add just a tad bit for the fringe area for more coverage as I realized it was a bit thin compared to the weight of the hair.

Natural's can rock straight hair too! Try a lace closure or even a DIY closure in your next protective install as I used today for minimal leave-out and damage to your kinks and curls!

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann