How to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair Without the Big Chop

How to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair Without the Big Chop

You've seen your favorite natural hair bloggers and Instagram curl crushes with their curls and melanin popping but what you rarely see is the journey. We all have to start somewhere; some of us more fearless than others. What about those of us who just aren't scissor happy and want to take things slow? Today I'll be sharing with you 4 steps on how to transition to natural hair.

Let go of that relaxer. First things first! Let's admit our addiction and get rid of it asap. My name is Rayann and I am addicted to the creamy crack aka the relaxer. We've all had our years of relaxer addiction, trust me you are not alone. Giveaway your last few boxes of relaxer under the sink and don't look back.

Fake it till you make it. Discover Protective styles that mimic natural hair to prepare yourself for what's to come. Just like a newborn baby you can never be fully ready, but practicing and experimenting with different textures and techniques can give you a glimpse of what life will be like with textured hair. Checkout these Cheap natural hair extensions I found that mimic natural hair for half of the retail price! Protective styles are a great way to let your hair grow freely and let it do its thing of course. The last thing you want to do is disturb your new growth and apply tension daily when you're trying to grow your hair out.

Samples galore. Samples will become your best friend as you transition. This is the perfect opportunity to figure out what products your curls love and which ones you're better off leaving on the shelf. Trust me, you'll miss your sample hair days when your curls reach a length that one little 2oz packet can't even begin to cover even a portion of your hair. Play around with different consistencies,gels, creams, custards and most importantly  ingredients. Take note of your favorites and lean towards these products when looking for regimen staple products.

Trim as you go! Last but not least, as you transition to natural hair don't forget to trim as you go. Remember the ultimate goal is healthy natural curls. You cannot have luscious curly hair dreams with split, damaged and overprocessed ends. Let them go! Your curls will thank you later.

You don't have to commit to a life changing short cut to go natural. Transition until your two textures become a pain to manage together or until you've reached your comfort level. Otherwise happy, healthy growing new curlfriend!