Natural Hair Flexi Rod Set| The Takedown!

Today's the day! I was so excited to take down these flexi rods to see my results and I must say I am totally impressed with the result. My very first flexi rod set on natural hair is finally a success.

I'll be retrying this style very soon with a little less flax seed gel next time. I did notice a bit of flaking at my roots I'm pretty sure its from the excess flax seed gel so I'll be a little more sparing with my portions next time.

Overall, my hair is super soft to the touch and very bouncy! I love the fuller look I can achieve with the flexi rods v.s tightly coiled twist outs. 

If you missed out on last nights post; I shared an important tip for installing your flexi rods quickly and easily as well as a list of all of the products I used to achieve this look


So let me know what you think! I can totally see this look on a natural bride, prom formal updo or even interview ready! Special thanks to Whitney(Naptural85) for her tip on how to cheat a flexi rod set haha!

P.S. Yall I'm really loving the way my color pops with this flexi rod set!