4 Cheap Curly Natural Hair Extensions

cheap natural curly hair extensions

Today I'm sharing 4 cheap curly natural hair extensions. From virgin hair extensions, sew ins, to human hair wigs; protective styling can be both beneficial, but seems so expensive. Cheap curly natural hair extensions seems almost impossible to come across these days. 

First and foremost one of my most popular DIY hair tutorials: how to make your own synthetic clip in extensions is absolutely the most cheapest way of achieving clip ins on a budget. The only materials that you will need are bobby pins, braiding hair and last but not least perm rods in a pot of boiling hot water. Simply attach the braiding hair to the bobby pin by looping it around the eye of the bobby pin. Most importantly twist the braiding hair using the two strand twist method, secure with a perm rod and simply dip this into a pot of boiling hot water. There you have it; big curly clip-in extensions under $5. You may use these DIY clip ins for simple hairstyles, achieve a longer length or my favorite hairstyle the high messy bun.

We've covered the cheapest natural hair extension now let's move on to making your very own professional DIY clip ins. Great quality natural hair clip are easy to replicate. You will need a bit of beginners sewing experience, a weaving needle, thread, some wig clips, and your choice of hair extensions of course! I tend to go for the synthetic texture because of its thickness and density it easily mimics natural hair as it gets frizzy and old from wear and tear. Of course you can always go the store bought route if you do not have the time to sit down and create these clip ins or you can save a couple hundred dollars by making them yourself. You may want to plan for at least two to three hours for cutting, sewing and styling time; this will make a great weekend project. You can experiment with different textures, colors as well as price ranges from human hair to synthetic or black to blonde; the possibilities are endless.


Looking for the least amount of leave out? You may want to try a DIY flip over wig. As always, I opt for synthetic hair for easy natural hair blending, but you may choose the hair texture of your liking. Wigs are a great way to protect your hair and still have the opportunity to maintain your actual natural hair without having to commit to a style Permanently. Wigs are a great way of switching between hairstyles and playing with different looks without damaging your own curls. Closures; especially curly textured closures can definitely get on the expensive side no matter what vendor you choose. Ivy Powell's flip over method is a great way to save money and still achieve a flawless, polished look when it comes to your DIY wig. The flip over method consists of small little pieces of weft that are sewn down horizontally at the crown which mimics a side part, messy, curly look. There is minimal leave out with this method so all you need is a little bit of edge control to blend for a seamless look.

Crochet wigs are another pretty popular protective style in the natural hair community right now. Starting off as a weaving technique; crochet braids are no longer a commitment and can now be placed onto a netted cap for versatile styling options as well as easy maintenance. As always the hair is very affordable which makes this wig another alternative when it comes to DIY wig making. This wig option is very cheap and affordable and the hair that you will be using for this wig is synthetic braiding hair that has been pre curled. Many natural women use different textures and colors when it comes to crochet wigs or crochet braids from curly to loose spiral curls and straight hair the possibilities are endless. Of course this method requires a bit of leave out in the front for blending purposes and to cover the wig netting but it is still a completely cheap and affordable option.

I hope these cheap natural hair extension ideas help you to save a few bucks this winter as we prepare for protective style season. What are your favorite cheap natural hair extensions?