What are Feed in Braids?

What are feed in braids

What are Feed in Braids?

Feed in Braids are the illusion of naturally long cornrow braids as if they are growing directly from the scalp (no extensions added).

Cornrow Braids with braiding hair extensions beginning at the root are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The Feed in Braid technique is achieved by adding in braiding hair extensions to one's natural hair strand by strand beginning with a starter braid using your natural hair first.

Clients are able to achieve longer natural looking braids in several shapes & sizes on various hair textures and lengths. 

These braids have graced the tresses of your favorite celebrities and influencers; each developing their own unique design for a one of a kind look. 

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate/Advance

Don't know how to Feed in Braid? Need Design Inspiration?

Still confused? Checkout this Feed In Braid Livestream for detailed instructions on the technique.