Past Waist Length Senegalese Twists

Hey chicas! Happy Sunday!

I hope you dolls are having a relaxing Sunday. I finally got my box braids fix. Haha! 

Mom wanted her braids back. We originally planned for shoulder length Senegalese Twists just as we usually install but this time we decided to test the waters with a longer length!

Today I present to you my first attempt to past waist length Senegalese Twists!

I am so impressed with the turnout! The length definitely suits my mom since she is just an inch shy of 6ft. The medium sized extra long twists, I feel really accentuate her height and add a bit of a mature look to the modern day braids.

What do you dolls think? Would you rock them this long?

I hope you dolls enjoyed the mini Photoshoot as I am trying to build my portfolio as a stylist. See you dolls in tomorrow's post!

Do what you love, love what you do!

Xo Rayann