5 Funny Hair Tutorials That will make you LOL


Checkout these 5 funny hair tutorials that will make you LOL literally!

While content creation, influencing and social media is at it's ultimate high right now, there are hundreds of self proclaimed guru's surfacing the net DAILY. Quality content and information is definitely hit and miss with hours upon hours of content/videos/photos being uploaded by the minute.  Amongst the endless hours of entertainment we've all come across unscripted homemade videos with great expectations turn for the worse or a great giggle while scrolling your timeline at work! Here are our favorites! 

Proceed with Caution. You WILL laugh out loud.

1. Coming in first place is the hilarious 27 piece on a fierce bald head. We enjoyed his sense of humor, but on a serious note, he SLAYED this quickweave girl! Yasss!

2. Someone's been watching too many Youtube Tutorials! That moment when you try to recreate your favorite beauty guru's tutorial but it doesn't quite come out the same. I see a mini beauty guru in the making honey, lined lips and all

3. She had to make it on our list! You've probably seen this funny ponytail tutorial all over your timeline at some point. Simply put, "If you can't use gel on your hair, then, use gel" 

4. Haircut Tutorial GONE WRONG: Barber FAILS at Lineup Tutorial. When all else fails, brush it forward to hide your mistakes!

5. Burning My Hair Off -ORIGINAL VIDEO- (Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong) definitely had to be added to the list! If you didn't learn anything else from this tutorial please note: Irons display a minimum and maximum temperature (why are manufacturers allowing women to deep fry their hair on 450+ degrees still), stick with a temperature somewhere in the middle to be on the safe side. Thank me later!