A Youtube Vlogging Documentary- Official Trailer Starring Shay Carl

Its official! The youtube vlogging documentary trailer is now live on youtube of course! I'm a huge avid follower of the Shaytards as well as many other vloggers on youtube, I've been waiting forever for this documentary! Youtube has changed the lives of so many people, myself included; the ability to connect with people hundreds and thousands of miles away within the click of a button is beyond amazing. I know that Shay Carl and his crew are doing a great job at putting the entire film together which will hopefully portray the message that we are just like you. Unlike Media Television, we are able to connect with our viewers on a more personal level, sharing our interests as well as special moments of our lives. 

I love vlogging and I've met so many people along the way! 
Shoutout to my sis Nelly over 2,000 miles away in Trinidad
and Rcyih over 3,000 miles away in the United Kingdom

Amazing right?!

Checkout the official trailer and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Remember to o what you love, Love what you do
xo Rayann