Tyrese Pays Tuition for Student to Attend Morehouse College (FULL VIDEO)

Tyrese Pays Tuition for Student to Attend Morehouse College this Fall. Atlanta, GA is home to the most powerful Historically Black College's in the nation. If you've been here before, you know just how close knit Morehouse & Spelman are to each other.

Made up of a predominantly African American study body; the two schools are extremely close in proximity and work together serving driven students daily. With the rising costs of tuition and housing fees (the basic necessities to survive) college can quickly become a major financial burden hindering our dreams. Kids often find themselves reliant upon government program such as FASFA & even personal loans, creating guaranteed debt agreed to be paid upon post graduation in installments for many years to come. 

2017-2018 Morehouse College Tuition Fees

Total expenses for the year can easily exceed $42,000 including on campus housing

It's up to the community to do our part in the upbringing of our children. "it takes a village to raise a kid." Tyrese fully understands the importance of planting seeds into our community, looking out for our brothers and sisters & most of all standing in to fill a void when necessary. 

This young man; Lorenzo Murphy 21, also known on social media as Zo the motivator lost his father 4 days before his senior year of Morehouse College. The pain & hurt he had to endure, I'm sure none of us could ever fathom. But Tyrese has taken him under his wing as a mentor & financial support for his tuition to attend Morehouse College; a financial relief we're sure he's ever so grateful for.

Lorenzo has maintained his 3.0 GPA & continues to spread a positive message for the youth via his social platform & speaking engagements. We are excited to see what the future holds for both himself and Tyrese!

We are hoping for nothing but the best for the both of them; continued success for this young man as well as guidance & clarity for Tyrese to continue to be an effective mentor.