$10 DIY Drawstring Ponytail for Natural Hair

Hey curlfriend's and welcome back! In today's tutorial, I'm going to show you guys how to create this $10 DIY drawstring ponytail for natural hair. 

For this tutorial, you're going to need the following materials: a foam mannequin head, large Goody hair elastic (headband), a weaving cap, a crochet hook and some crochet hair of your choice.

$10 DIY Drawstring Ponytail for Natural Hair

Bantu Bounce Curly Crochet Braiding Hair

I'll be using this synthetic Bantu Bounce curly crochet braiding hair collection from Natural Boss Lady in the color 1B/27. 

Each pack comes with about 20 strands and I literally created this entire DIY drawstring ponytail using only one pack! This is a lot of hair guys, don't let the small packaging fool you. As soon as you start to separate the hair, it gets really big and poofy as the hair begins to age. 

You can either leave the curls just as they are, separate them a little bit for the smallest amount of frizz, or separate the curls completely to get this nice afro texture. The hair is really cheap and affordable as it retails for only about $10 a pack; $9.99 to be exact. This crochet hair is an easy fix for a DIY drawstring ponytail. 

Ponytail Base

I am using a hair weaving cap for the base of this ponytail. The net construction of this weaving cap will allow the ponytail to draw up and function just like a store-bought drawstring ponytail once we attach the Goody hair elastic. I'm just going to focus on laying the curls at the very top of the cap to create a nice, solid ponytail in one area vs the entire cap like a wig construction. 

Crochet Braid Method

Using the crochet braid method without cornrows; I just weaved the hair throughout the cap. The Bantu Bounce Crochet Hair Collection comes tightly coiled together straight out of the package. Each curl is looped around a tie to create a line of demarcation in which you can separate the two strand by hand.

Separate the strands into two large folded pieces. 
Place your crochet hook underneath a few of the holes in the net weaving cap. 
Gripping the strands of hair; pull the folded portion through and the curls through the loop to secure in place.

You're pretty much just sticking the hook through, grabbing onto the crochet hair while it's folded, then pulling the two loose ends through the loop. 

The Drawstring

Our DIY drawstring ponytail is almost complete! Our last and final step is to create our actual drawstring for easy attachment. 
Using a really old, stretched out large Goody headband; cut the headband to create 1 long string.  
Weave the ends of the Goody headband throughout the cap while simultaneously folding down the excess cap.  

You can pretty much weave your drawstring through the designated holes in the netted weaving cap.

The two ends will meet at the end. 
Just tie those two ends into a really nice, tight, knot and this is the drawstring! 

Because we weaved the drawstring through the netted holes in the cap; it's going to draw up just like a regular store-bought drawstring ponytail. 

Styling your DIY Drawstring Ponytail

You can go ahead and attach & style your new $10 DIY drawstring ponytail for your desired look. 

Drawstring ponytails can be used for a variety of styles and desired looks. Attach this ponytail for added length, a pop of color, texture even height. Drawstring ponytails are a must-have for every curly girl embarking on a new natural hair journey as our hair. It'll come in handy during the awkward length stages, big chop and even save you from some bad hair days! Thank me later!

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I love you guys and I'll see you guys in the next tutorial!