The Real Reason Behind Keke Palmer's Short Haircut

Why did Keke Palmer cut her hair?

We all grew to know Keke for her unapologetic natural hairstyling choices in an industry that's adopted African American child stars wearing bone straight weave and hair extensions as a norm. From box braids to cornrows, Keke's youthful styles became her staple. At a time where I was still sitting between mama bears legs on a Saturday Morning for my weekly braid down with beads, I totally looked up to her because I found someone who looked EXACTLY like me on TV!

I am what I am, because you are who you are ✨

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Whelp, Keke has done it again! She never ceases to amaze us! Keke Palmer has officially big chopped! Welcome to #teamnatural girl. We commend you for the bold and edgy jump. Not only did she shave all of her hair off, but she's gone, you guessed it: purple as well. Yes, purple and we're loving every bit of it. 

Bald is life 😁

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According to a recent #TBT Keke Palmer is totally ready for a fresh start with her hair; new beginnings after so much fun in colors, textures & styling options throughout the years.