Nicki Minaj Calls Out Company Selling "Nicki Minaj Inspired" Wigs for $3,850

Nicki Minaj just called out a company selling "Nicki Minaj Inspired" wigs for $3,850. 

Yes you read right! $3,850

We've grown a fine tolerance for inaccurate descriptions and photos of our favorite vloggers and celebs on foreign sites such as Aliexpress & Alibaba but often times it's almost impossible to report such a high influx of vendors. Nicki Minaj is here for it today and she wants her coin!

When will these overseas vendors stop? When do we pull the plug on knock off items, stolen photos, shoot even watermarks are being edited out recently? Not only did the vendor snatch Nicki's photos but did a horrible job Photoshopping a product photo of another popular Youtuber Freedom Couture Wigs mannequins right next to her. Someone please call their marketing team and let them know they played themselves over 342,000 likes later!

I wonder if they've gotten any inquiries yet for this magical wig that cleans, cuts and styles itself for $3,850? No way in the world!

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Have you ever ordered an overseas wig/bundles that didn't match the description/photos?