Ossat Naturals Curl-Wave-Twist Shaping Gelly

Hey chicas! Happy Monday!

This definitely isn't a mani monday post simply because my nail polish hasn't changed since my girl Chloe hooked them up last week; so serious! But this review was highly requested so I decided to start my 3 day hair documentary for the new Ossat Naturals Curl-Wave-Twist Shaping Gelly. I'll be documenting my experience with this product throughout the week. Be sure to check in next week to my Youtube Channel for an in-depth review and visual.

You dolls know that I was introduced to this product line during my 2014 Spring World Natural Hair Show experience. One of the main factors that attracted me to this line was the extremely affordable $5.00 price point! Being that I have really thick hair, I consume a lot of product in such a short period of time so product hauling on a budget is definitely fitting at this point! haha!

This will be my second time using the Gelly and overall I must say that I am impressed with the product. It still wouldn't replace my holy-grail eco styler gel for only 3.99 a jug but it is a great product for wash and go's! Once you get a taste of Eco-Styler you never go back :)


Consistency: Thick clear Jelly-like

Price: $5.00

Great for curl defining!

For maximum results I highly suggest diffusing with a blow dryer diffusing attachment or by using the cool-shock button on your blow dryer. Flip your hair side to side; front to back to allow bounce and movement in your wash and go.

I still experience a bit of dryness and crunch to my curls but the definition is amazing! I just follow up with my Arvazallia Argan oil in the morning to tame my dry ends and; allow the steam from the shower to hydrate my hair a bit.

Stay tuned for the final review next week dolls! Let me know what you think about my curls today? What are your favorite Wash and go products?

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xo Rayann

Shoutout to Closkitchen for taking my photography today! :) 

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