Memorial Day Indoors?

Hey loves! Happy Memorial Day!

Today's the day we often forget to honor the fallen and current heros of our nation. The grilled food, pool parties and best of all the 4 day weekend is always amazing but lets take the time to truly honor our soldiers. I cant even begin to count how many of my high school classmate enlisted in the army this year. One of my very best friends is off to basic training this month and boy am I worry wort for him!

We love you and miss you Isaac!

Moment of Silence.

Todays meal consists of grilled bratwurst Sausages and homemade hamburgers! Nothing like a good ole home cooked meal. Considering how many times I've stopped for fast food this week; burgers should be the last meal on my menu haha!

Any-who; just popping in to say hello and share my meal for today since Instagram is pretty much flooded with Memorial Day activities! I'll be relaxing with family today and doing moms hair for the work week. The usual.

Whats on your Memorial Day Menu? Did you travel or stay in town? Lets chat!

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann