Anti-Protective Styling?

Hey chicas! 

Happy Tuesday! I hope you dolls are having a productive week so far as my "work" week officially starts tomorrow, so today Im just getting myself prepared for school. I've been having this major itch for some box braids or twists. You dolls know; I live for my box braids haha!

I think I spent maybe a month or two of my senior year rocking my kinks and curls; in the meantime between time I was always rocking my box braids until I learned the Senegalese twists technique! I stopped by the Beauty Supply Store yesterday to pick up some braiding hair until my unofficial hair project arrives in the mail in a few short weeks. 

I was going for long Senegalese twists, there's just something about waist length braids that are just so sexy to me! Keri Hilson definitely owned this look! 4 packs of hair and a day and a half later It just doesn't seem that I'm getting anywhere. My hair is so much thicker than before, very similar to my texture from my childhood; thus taking so much longer than expected.

After a few hours of working on my Senegalese twist install I've decided to just stray away from them. I never understood why Whitney from Naptural85 stopped wearing her mini twists but now I totally get it! Its so much work and takes so much more time than it did when I first big chopped.

Now I know you're probably wondering "girl why did you try it in the first place didn't you find some great curling creams recently?". Yes girl! I've been blessed with so many new opportunities, products and brands to allow me to review their products but realistically speaking it is very time consuming especially to sit down and twist my hair after a long wash condition deep treatment and detangle. Nonetheless I absolutely love my curly hair. I love the volume, the kinks the curls. Everything. 

Shameless Selfie: The process

The biggest lesson I've learned along this hair journey is to WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT. Since my schedule is calling for less time to play in hair products; its about time I change my hair regimen until things slow back down. You dolls will be seeing more wash n go product reviews for the time being. Ill try out the wash n go routine for this week and see how this goes! Today I'm giving the Ossat Naturals Jelly from the World Natural Hair Show a try and I'll check back in periodically with my opinions on the products.

Ladies don't be afraid to test out new products, try out new hairstyles, switch up your regimen. Our curls are extremely versatile. Don't be too quick to neglect your hair for the sake of time, simply change your regimen for your lifestyle. You'll one day out grow that wash n go, be too short for a puff ponytail, combat shrinkage or even fight frizz. Embrace your kinks and curls for what they choose to do and roll with it!

Shameless Selfie: I've taken my twists down :)

Do what you love, Love what you do!

xo Rayann

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