4 Natural Hair Myths we Need to Set Straight!

Let's face it, we all misunderstood natural hair when we decided to embark on this journey. I for one never thought that I had an actual curl pattern; boy did the theory of "good hair" consume my mind to the point of control. Here are 4 natural hair myths we need to set straight in 2016!

1. Going Natural will grant you Instant Long Curly Hair!

From obsessive length checks to a huge despise in shrinkage; we've all at some point assumed we'd have extreme growth overnight. Let's face it, relaxed or natural there's no secret to overnight success even when it comes to hair. The length goals are endless when it comes to natural hair but it does take persistence and consistency to actually obtain these hair goals. 

2. Natural Hair is Cheaper to Maintain

Say's who? The girl who retired her twice a month stylist? Depending on just how "natural" you'd like to go on this journey, the price tags can definitely add up quickly. Remember, Pure organic ingredients are harder to find & more expensive to produce/import. Unlike your old holy grail products from your relaxed days that were filled with cheap/substitute ingredients, products that are more organic tend to lean on the more expensive side of the price tag. Last but not least, that long, thick, curly hair you were drooling over comes a hefty price tag as well. Thick Hair=More Product.

3. Natural Hair is Easier to Maintain

Just because the Jar reads "Curl Pudding" doesn't mean you'll be applying it to your hair and instantly have super defined curls. Yes girl, that Curl Pudding comes with instructions for easy application which could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the thickness and length of your hair. We haven't even touched on Wash Day yet and my arms are already aching from twisting! haha

4. Natural Hair is Unprofessional

Say's who? This clearly came from the girl who's twitter and Instagram account has been suspended. There's a time and place for everything, and lets just say a picked out fro may not be your go-to style for the Corporate Quarterly Meeting this Friday. From protective styles to up-do's, heck even a blow out and silk press, the options are endless!

By no means is this a rant. But lets face it, we're in one of the most naturally curly hair dominated era's and there are just a few myth's we need to set straight. I absolutely love my curly hair and wouldn't trade it for the world. Whether you are relaxed or natural, maintaining healthy hair is hard work but it is definitely rewarding in the long run. Those long wash days, and late night twists are not in vain curlfriend!

Roll Call: Which natural hair myth did you fall for prior to going natural?