Thinking out loud & It's a Baking Kinda Day!

Hey chicas! 
I hope your Wednesday is going great so far! Last night I decided to go back through my blog posts and blogs to revisit a few memories, I know its a bit cheesy but life is such a precious thing with so many precious moments. This blog was originally created for me to share my experience, document moments and most important; create memories. With the slight shift of focus into the natural hair community, I feel like I've sort of lost my personal connection with you all. We are more than just hair & beauty, we all have a story to mold and share.
People visit youtube and online blogs because of the reality and story behind each individual versus the scripted and edited footage, traditionally media likes to call "reality tv". Next year, I'd like to share more of my personal life and experiences with all. Lets take things back to the basics, where it all started.

Current Situation: Baking chocolate chip cookies while checking in with you guys!

How do you draw the line between being real/relateable vs too personal, whether its on your blog, via social media, etc? Lets Chat!

Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann