Focusing on too Many Issues| Be Nice or Else By: Winn Claybaugh

There is no profit in curing the body, if in the process, we destroy the soul

Its been a long while since I've actually sat down to enjoy a good book. Technology has definitely taken over my life haha! 

I finally came around to reading on the books included in my cosmetology kit. It wasn't a requirement to read it, but its highly recommended even by some of the students. 
Be Nice or Else
By: Winn Claybaugh

I just finished chapter one and I' so happy that I decided to crack this book open. Its definitely a good read so far. Here's my favorite excerpt. A lot of us today including myself are spending so much time worrying and stressing that we simply are enjoy the joys of life.

"The challenge in knowing so many issues- so many things that don't work and keep you in a constant state of alarm is that you don't have time or energy to enjoy the things that do work. A good friend of mine refers to this as putting yourself in mental jail." {page 7}

How much time are you spending worrying about issues that can be changed? When was the last time that you took a moment out of your day to really sit down and appreciate the positive aspects of life around you?
Do what you love, Love what you do.
xx Rayann