Diva Smooth Update + Natural Hair Straightened Tips

Hey chicas! 
So its been exactly 1 week since my straightening experience using the Diva Smooth Smoothing Kit provided to me by Hairizon Beauty via my monthly Product Junkie Box.

I am super impressed with the results, 1 week later and my hair is pretty much just as straight towards the roots as the day I applied the smoothing agent to my hair.
My ends are still slowly but surely reverting due to the humidity, nothing major.

So far, I am loving my experience. My hair is very shiny, bouncy, straight and appears to have an amazing luster!

Here are 3 tips to maintaining your "natural gone straight" look!

I've been wrapping my hair faithfully every night to maintain bounce & body

Followed by slight moisturizing & sealing of my ends using my Argan Esque Hair Treatment

Tie down with a satin scarf

Protect with a shower cap during daily showers
and you're set!

I'll be checking in with you dolls shortly with an update/revert post to show you my overall results. If you haven't already, check out my Diva Smooth Review and application video HERE or simply click the video below

For the Full details on my 1 week update checkout this video as well

Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xx Rayann