Fall 2013 Natural Hair Pickups!

Hey chicas!
Its that time again. The product Junkie in me took over! I was on a semi no-buy last month, but its October and its only right that I kick off this fall with some new product buys! I think I did pretty good, 3 essentials under 15 bucks! 

I came across Aunt Jackie's Curl la la in Dollar General as I was shopping for bathroom supplies for only $5, that was definitely a steal! A product review will be coming shortly. 

I found Proclaims Crystal Ice Hair Gel at Sally's for only $1.99. A 5 pound tub of Gel for only $1.99?!

I'm pretty sure someone got pretty distracted during labeling, because the entire shelf was marked down to $1.99. Thanks Sally's! haha

Last but not least, I grabbed Suaves Tropical coconut conditioner from their Suave Naturals Collection after reading about Crystal Gardner of From Point A to B's curly hair routine. We share similar curl patterns and so many bloggers have been raving about this product for their co-washing routines!

What are your current curly fall faves? Leave me a comment below
Do what you Love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann