2 Years Natural Length Check!

Hey chica's! Only one more day left of the work week, hang in there! Meanwhile in the natural hair world; I just celebrated my 2 Year Nappiversary! I know many of you were wanting an official length check, so ya go!

This length check is quite different from my usual footage as I decided not to to get to precise in my measurements. Instead of tracking my progress with specific measurements (inches) I think its time that I start documenting it using "Natural Hair Lingo"

We as naturals get so caught up in the worries of shrinkage and length that we fail to realize the whole point of embarking on our hair journey.

My goal for this hair journey is to achieve overall healthy hair v.s bra strap length or waist length. Longer hair would definitely be a plus but it wouldnt really benefit to have extremely long tresses that are damaged and suffering from breakage.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my progress- (CBL)- collar bone length in 24months

What are your hair goals and why did you decide to embark on your natural hair journey?
For the full length check, check out the video below! :)