2 Year Nappiversary Party Recap

Hey chica's! Happy Monday! I want to wish you all a great start of the week. Speak all of your goals for this week into existence, the possibilities are endless! Speaking of endless possibilities, I remember starting my channel back in 2006. I was at my childhood friend's house looking at music videos. We would spend hours at a time watching music videos and attempting to imitate them.  I would watch youtube on during my spare time to catch up on beauty tutorials from Michelle Phan who was the only beauty enthusiast I can remember during this time. 

Fast forward almost 7 years later, I've been blessed with my very own channel, with some of the most amazing supporters, sisters and friends I could ever ask for. 

You guys keep me going on my hair journey. It's like that old saying "the most successful people have the strongest support system". You need a good team behind you, routing you on, keeping you on track. 

I appreciate each an every comment, view and subscription to my channel. I was so excited to finally be able to give back to you all, as a small thank you for your support.

Among my amazing support system is Argan Esque, my Gold Title sponsor for this event. They were more than happy to shower you guys with amazing gifts! During the Livestream, one lucky winner one the Newly natural kit; which included Argan Esque's Moroccan Argan Oil as well as hair accessories that are essential for any natural or transitioner compliments of Closkitchen

Every hour a total of 3 winners were able to win a free bottle of Argan Esque's hair treatment, compliments of Argan Esque! I cannot that you all enough for the support. The past 2 years have been amazing! I am so excited to celebrate our 3 year Nappiversary next year! Thank you all for tuning in and supporting, special thank you to Argan Esque and Closkitchen for sponsoring my event as well!

If you missed the event, no worries, check out the video below for a Recap as well as footage from the event!