A years supply of free clothing!? Im down!

Hey loves! The fall season is finally here and boy am I excited to pull out my crew-neck sweatshirts and printed scarves. This will technically be my first fall here in the south since relocating. Fall in the Midwest was totally different. In the Midwest we pretty much skip fall and jump straight into the 30 below weather! I must say, I am definitely loving the fall season so far, the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, crochet accessories and beautiful sunset happen to be my favorites every year around this time.

Fall 2011 throwback
I remember dreading the extra layers my mom would pack on me as a child to keep me warm during the chilly season. |she called the extra under clothes, long-johns| haha! As I grew older and was able to dress myself, lets just say the mini fashionista  in me broke out!

In honor of Fall 2013 I thought I'd let you guys in on this competition MrPriceFashion is hosting right now! You can enter for a chance to win a years supply of free clothing, yes FREE clothing.
I dont know about you but I'm always down for a great sale!
Enter the competition  HERE for your chance to win

Here a few of my favorites from the site, don't be surprised if you see a future haul haha! I'm hooked!

What are your fall favorites this season?
Do what you love, Love what you do!
xo Rayann