Vlog#12 | July R.I.P Talia Joy -August Starts a new Chapter

Hey loves! I hope July and August brought you many joyful moments, new discoveries and great adventures! This month I got to meetup with the engineering staff from my network for lunch, I got my drivers license and I started school! What did you get into for the month of August?

I'd have to say the past two months have definitely been an emotional roller coaster. Growing up is not as easy as it seems. As I kid, I absolutely couldn't wait to become an adult, to make my own decisions, to do whatever I want; I failed to realize that along with the joys of adulthood comes hard-work, sleepless hours and BILLS. Needless to say, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, I've had more great days than stressful days. 

July 16, 2013 our youtube beauty community lost a beautiful angel; Talia Joy. Her journey inspired me to keep on going, keep on pushing & to "just keep swimming". College for many of us today is extremely stressful, not only emotionally but financially. When you come across a great, determined spirit like Talia, its easy to be inspired and to appreciate every waking moment of your life.

Every Dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember, you have within you the strength
the patience
and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world
~Harriet Tubman

Talia accomplished more in her 14 hears of life than some older adults. The only thing that is stopping you from being great and achieving your goals is you; you and what you allow to consume your thoughts and your time.

For the complete vlog footage, checkout the video below
Do what you love & love what you do
xo Rayann