Are you limiting yourself or pushing limits? Persistence = Progress

Hey loves! Today I want to share an awesome opportunity with you guys. I spend a lot of time reading e-books, researching ways to brand myself as well as seek motivation. Last week my Caribbean sis Nelly of nellybplussize added me to a group called iGrindnaturally. I've been added to so many groups that rarely ever catch my attention, they're usually just another platform to "self-promote" and spam ones personal endeavors. Luckily, this group is like no other, I've been so motivated by so many of the lovely ladies grinding naturally. We share tips and tricks to get to the next level with your business, in your personal life, as well as your blogs!

I ran across this challenge in the group yesterday from Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie called August's 31WRITENOW Blog challenge. You are pretty much challenging yourself to blog everyday of the month of August. Be sure to check out her post Here for more details so that you can join too!

Today is my first posting since joining the challenge but luckily I've posted everyday for this month so far already, so I'm not behind, I guess I'll just jump "write" in haha!

I want to challenge you to push yourself this month. Your level of success is in your hands, its up to you to take that extra step, extra minute, or extra blog post out of your comfort zone to reach your goals and see much better results!
Persistence = Progress

My current situation, tons of products to review and blog posts to work on this week- goal setting!
See you dolls in the next posting!
xo Rayann