Whats In my Travel Bag? Natural Hair Edition!

Hey loves! So, this past month, I came across a ton of tags! Ive done the

The Newly Natural Tag Just to name a few. I decided to create my own tag for my naturalistas! Summer 2013 is only a few weeks away and I know you ladies are probably in the midst of planning roadtrips, vacations, maybe even some getaways abroad. Here's what I packed for my birthday Roadtrip to the Smoky Mountains. I didn't realize how much of a product junkie I really am until I packed my bags haha!

I packed all of my hair products, hair tools and accessories in a separate luggage bag just in case any of the Jars or bottle had the potential to leak- it wouldn't have the chance to ruin any of my clothes or shoes.

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I used everything except for my butterfly hair clips. I opted for my sleek puff ponytail for the entire trip. It was so easy for me to wash and condition my hair and throw it all into a puff to avoid frizzy hair the next day.
 I had no idea that Eco Styler is no longer 1.99-2.99 a Jar since I recently moved. It now retails in my area for about 6.99. After browsing the surrounding Jars of  hair gel in Sallys, I came across a styling Gel my Proclaim for half the price of  the Eco Styler. So for now, this will be my staple hair gel for my college girl budget.

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My 19th Birthday!