May Adventures - June Careers!

Hey loves! Long time no vlog huh? haha No but really my last vlog was celebrating my 19th birthday. So without further due, Here's vlog#11. I'd like to call this one "May Adventures- June Careers! We celebrated Mothers Day, My mom's 40th birthday and a Memorial Day BBQ, yummers!

June 21st I got to sign my life away as an official Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Student. I am super excited to start. I was a little hesitant to chase my dreams in the hair industry knowing that it was considered a "trade" and not so much of a career. But its 2013, the era of innovators, we are all creating careers. I've realized its not about what society thinks and labels as a true career but rather what you are passionate about. With that being said, do what makes you happy. Chase your dreams! My biggest fear is taking in my last breath on earth regretting. I love you dolls for supporting me along the way, and I'm so excited for the years to share with you all.
~xo Rayann

If you haven't already be sure to stop by Closkitchen, I helped film her soft taco tutorial and of course, I got to get my grub on too!