DIY Tank- No sewing required

Spring is finally here! You know what that means, the long awaited spring cleaning. I've started a bit of spring cleaning myself, which pretty much consists of giving away tons of clothes, shoes and belts that I hardly ever wear. Its amazing what you find when you organize your clothes. It feels like Christmas all over again! For todays DIY I wanted to show you guys a universal way to keep your most treasured t-shirts that probably don't fit anymore. I know some of you divas may not have access to a sewing machine. So for this diy all you need is an old t-shirt, and a pair of scissors.

Can you believe, I've had this t-shirt for almost 8 years? It was gifted to me from my big sister as a child at the Big Brother, Big Sister Program when she visited her Italian family on vacation
Simply turn your shirt inside out, and cut along the seams of the armpit as well as the collar for a more comfy/ loose fitting tank! Click Here for the Full Video Tutorial. Here's my results: I used a few pieces of left over fabric from the color to tie bows on my shoulders :)