Never label someone!

Today at work a women wanted to purchase some tickets for herself and her daughter to get into the park. She looked like a regular person to me with a back brace. She was asking were there any discounts for people who have had surgery or just cant ride any of the ride for any reason. They told her no, the only discount we have is a junior/senior ticket for people under 48 inches, elderly citizens or people who have disabilities of any nature. So they sold her the junior/senior ticket and she wasnt angry at all like any other unhappy person would be. She told us her story. She was simply trying to take her daughter to our park for her birthday like she does every year. This year would be pretty hard for her because she was active in the military for 20 years and went to Iraq. In Iraq she was hit(idk by a gun or watever idk) and she's had 10 back surgeries since then. It's so sad what people go through. I felt bad that i labeled her a " guest" like everyone else entering the park. Not knowing what she's been through or who may be.