2nd day at the harbor, this time with mom

Well today mom and i returned the rental car then rode the light rail back to the hotel. It felt so good too be able to catch some public transportation. I miss it soo much, because we don't have light rails or subways in missouri. Ugh.. My last official day in Baltimore. Gotta wake up like 4 am to go to the airport tomorrow. It was mad crowded downtown. They had some type of event in the convention center, where people were like dressed up in all sorts of costumes like it was halloween or something. lol. First place we hit was the Gallery. I bought a few things from Claires again and called it a day. I finally got to get my Poster from the chinese lady I saw yesterday. It is winnie the pooh i love it. Then we just walked around the harbor. I saw my grandbaby Jasmine and her friend. Got some Starbucks, a vanilla bean. Then, we headed back to the light rail to go home. I took a heck of a lot of videos so imma upload them later. Peace Bloggers!