CurlyGoneCosmo First Field Trip, A Visit to Mopp!

Hey chicas! Happy Friday!

Today was pretty eventful! I can't even remember the last time I've been on a real field trip. I cant believe i left school almost 2 years ago already! Feels like just yesterday, I was walking across the stage with my classmates!

Credit: Mopp Hair Day Spa on Facebook

Today we visited one of my teachers Paul Mitchell Product based salons in Fayetteville, GA. Its a pretty cozy but luxurious salon! Her color scheme was black and white and everything was well coordinated! I love how "client-catered" her salon is! 

Credit: Mopp Hair Day Spa on Facebook

There are only 2 wash stations and 2 hairstylists so each client is definitely catered to compared to most salons where there are 6 stylist and 13 walk-ins waiting to be serviced. I actually really liked the idea, and the feel of her salon. Just watching the stylists in action has me so excited to graduate cosmetology school!

Credit: Mopp Hair Day Spa on Facebook

We got to watch 2

blowout services

at the same time on a straight hair texture as well as natural hair! The stylist hooked my friend up with a beautiful blowout, the shrinkage was real with her shoulder length hair in its curly state.

Since this is our first and maybe last field trip together in Core, we went out for

DIY Stir-fry

at Chow Baby. They serve amazing food, it was my first time trying out a hibachi style restaurant! My little concoction consisted of  chicken, broccoli, curry powder and tomato.


Credit: Hopstop

Overall we had a great experience! It was so much fun to be able to spend time with my class without any disagreements, we are all able to come together, have  a great time and enjoy each others company.