Tameka "Tiny Harris" Celebrates her 42nd Birthday in Feed in Braids!

Tiny Harris is sporting Feed in Braids for her 42nd Birthday in St. Lucia & we love them!

While the media is still stuck on their shocking divorce reveal, you can currently find the Harris's (Ti & Tiny) sipping caribbean beverages and lounging by the pool in St. Lucia for Tiny's 42nd Birthday. Yes, it looks like the two have put their differences aside and are enjoying each others company out of the country. well needed

They were best friends & lovers for such a long time that it's only right. 

Amongst the sparkling blue water & island inspired beverages, Tiny is sporting Feed in Braids for low manipulation while on vacation! Feed In braids are the ultimate protective style. Although it seems to be trending right now, they have become a staple technique for achieving longer hair with the illusion of it growing from directly out of your scalp!

Tiny's natural hair color is dyed blonde so she opted for blonde braiding hair for a seamless blend!

Want to achieve a look similar to Tiny's Feed in Braids?

Checkout this Tutorial: