How to Make a Wig without a Mannequin Head BAE-Edition

Don't own a mannequin head?

We all have run into a late night wig making situation after countless hours of inspiration on Youtube or your Instagram timeline. Ever wanted to make a quick wig but didn't feel like running out to the Beauty Supply Store for a mannequin?

This cute couple made it work, for the low-low; Bae-edition!

*Warning: 2 minutes of pure comedy

You'll just need a few quick items:

Trash bags or Shower Caps (if you're feeling fancy)

Wig cap of choice: I love these stretchy Spandex Dome Wig Caps for my "big head syndrome"

Hair Bonding Glue (great for beginners)

Weave of your choice

Last but not least (most important) a Bae (or human who's down to sit still for an hour or two) *preferably an adult for accurate fitting

Look, desperate times calls for desperate measures! He was even able to get some studying done. Kill two birds with one stone just like that!

Now I'll leave these two love birds to show you step by step how to make a wig without a mannequin head; BAE-Edition

She nailed it with this one and kudo's to her ever so patient model!

What are your favorite makeshift hair tips!

I'm always swapping out trash bags for everything; wig making, hot oil treatments, deep treatments, shower caps, you name it!