Headbands for Natural Hair

Today I'm sharing just a few quick natural hairstyles  with my headband from the Naturals in the Park Event. Naturals in the Park was such an amazing and uplifting natural hair event last year. I was able to network with a ton of local entrepreneurs and businesses and do a bit of shopping as well.

You dolls know the routine; attend a natural hair event and come back home with tons of free samples and products you couldn't resist! haha!

After walking through a cluster of hair products, smoothie and food booths even a live stage for talent showcasing I was stopped by a confident dread-lock brother.

He had his sales game on lock ladies!

He not only talked me into 1 headband but 2 for the price of one. Mom and I snagged a Rasta colored drawstring satin cap as well as this pink satin headband. 

What really sold me about his business was his confidence in his product, his story and the uniqueness of his caps. 

Of course everyone is selling satin lined caps these days but there aren't too many businesses catering to our natural big hair needs. Woolly Locks offers customization at an affordable price.

 His caps are specifically designed with your comfort in mind, no matter how long or short your hair is, there is a cap to fit ALL of your hair!

Being a small business; Woolly Locks handcrafts each piece for their customers. 

This man is sewing these headbands by hand, no mass manufacturers here!

I love my pink satin headband for the added pop of color to my outfits especially when I decide to wear one solid color from top to bottom. The styles you can achieve with this headband is almost endless!

Here are a few that you can try on stretch or blow dried hair. I used 5 simple styling products to achieve each look!