Do Hair Vitamins and Supplements Really Work?

We've all witnessed the hype and craze about hair growth supplements and vitamins over the last few weeks; but do they really work? Can something so simple yet so expensive dramatically grow your natural tresses at unbelievable rates? 

You dolls know that I am not a huge fan of any form of pills or medicines so that would automatically sway me away from the hair supplement craze. As the years go on, we continue to see more and more  products pop up in the natural hair market as the hair industry is a multi million dollar industry and African American women make up more than 90% of its revenue. Companies are definitely capitalizing on this discovery! While this may be a genius move for start up companies and additional income streams, this trend is allowing a gateway for not only great high quality products but low grade products with a high price tag as well for the average consumer.

Supplements are trending right now in the industry but they definitely aren't new. Vitamins, oils, supplements and certain hair care practices have been around for quite some time now. Like the old saying "you are what you eat". Diet , nutrition , and genetics will determine the health of your hair as well as your rate of growth. As the is no particular formula to growing extra long hair, practicing great dieting and sticking to a hair regimen can definitely improve your results!

Instead of opting for the oh so trendy hair supplements I've been working with the folks over at Vita Optimum to try out their 5star Omega 3 fish oil supplement. I seem to have a pretty balanced diet but I am greatly lacking protein and omega 3 as I am allergic to common nuts and not a huge fan of fish. I would much rather invest in the ingredient itself versus a markup supplement containing only small doses of each ingredient. I definitely recommend identifying exactly what it is that you may be lacking in your diet that could be leaving your hair growth stagnant.

After recently begininng my journey to gain weight, I've been looking into different supplements that can supply me with the nutrients my body was lacking, so this supplement was definitely up my alley! 

Omega 3 is a great fatty acid known for its ability to replenish your hair's shine and luster as well as add a natural glow in your skin by reducing redness and scaring with its anti inflammatory properties. Omega 3 also aids in the elasticity of your strands thus reducing breakage which is a common contributor to hair loss and split ends! Because of its strengthening and thickening properties omega 3 makes a great supplement to add to your winter protective styling regimen! 

I've personally taken my fish oil supplements for 4 months while under my wigs, weaves and braids and have seen great improvement in the luster of my lightened hair as well as extreme shrinkage! 

What do you think about the whole vitamin, supplement craze? 

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